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Fragmentary fabric sofa, fragmentary curtains, fragmentary wallpaper, fragmentary flowers have become the classic decorative elements of rural style home. In such a space, it feels as if it is as wonderful and comfortable as being in the sea of flowers. Then with a little embellishment, the whole home looks more beautiful. Xiaobian has carefully prepared several rural style decoration renderings for you. Maybe you will have unexpected surprises

the overall design gives people a very elegant feeling. The solid wood dining tables and chairs are simple and natural, and the solid wood storage cabinet forms a harmonious and unified aesthetic feeling with it. The decoration of green leaves on the door frame makes the space more elegant and elegant in the pastoral style, and the overall feeling is very comfortable and relaxed. Coupled with the bare brick wall, the space adds the beauty of the original ecology

in the decoration picture, the design of the ceiling on the ceiling of the living room is very atmospheric. The lighting of the whole space is very good after inlaying light tubes around the rectangular concave area, and the concave convex shape has a sense of hierarchy. The fabric sofa with broken flowers complements the background wall decorated with broken flowers wallpaper and the floor curtain with broken flowers, rendering the fresh and natural beauty of the pastoral style of the space and the leisurely lifestyle. The solid wood tea table and side table matched with it are elegant, showing a graceful and gentle temperament, and improving the overall aesthetic feeling

the pale yellow background wall establishes the warm style of the space. The white sofa is decorated with sofa cloth with floral patterns. Not only does it look comfortable, but the pink flowers are filled with a lively and romantic atmosphere, which adds interest to life. The dark brown solid wood tea table and the TV cabinet with white cabinet are typical pastoral designs, and the decoration and decoration of green plants on the TV cabinet and windowsill not only purify the air, but also further enhance the visual beauty




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